FBAR Form & Reporting Singapore

Professional Foreign Bank Account Reporting Singapore For US Expats

In today’s ever-developing economy, it is fairly common for US expats to have a financial (investment, banking, etc.) account located outside of the US. But keeping a portion of your wealth in a foreign account requires to file a special form called FBAR form Singapore or else face heavy penalties.

Individuals who are required to file FBAR always need expert advice in order to ensure proper compliance not only with the requirements for FBAR reporting Singapore but possibly with other reporting requirements such as FATCA which only tax specialist can overcome.

If you are looking to apart your ways from FBAR heavy penalties or imprisonment, make sure to file FBAR timely and accurately with the precise understanding and knowledge of Advance American Tax FBAR special panel of taxation specialist. No matter how complicated your FBAR filing requirement is, there’s an army of FBAR tax expert ready to help.