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Advance American Tax in Singapore works with American expats to reduce the stress and hassle of filing US tax returns Singapore. We understand that filing US tax Singapore while living abroad is not an easy task and to ease the burden, we streamline the complicated tax filing process. At Advance American Tax, we work with U.S. citizens and green card holders in preparing American Tax, USA returns &  Us Expat in Singapore.

Singapore is an attractive country especially for expats- it has a global culture, one of the world’s leading financial centers and a low rate of crime.  If you join the 49,000 US expats in Singapore, make sure you understand your responsibility  to pay tax to both the Singapore taxation authority and the IRS.

Advance American Tax is a full-fledged USA tax advisory in Singapore offering comprehensive end-to-end support services in the field of USA Tax in Singapore.

We take it upon ourselves to provide you with complete and detailed information on policies of US taxation in Singapore. Our core area of expertise lies in USA Tax in Singapore. We are committed to offering incomparable assistance in this domain to our esteemed clients.

Our service areas include:
a. Helping you understand your tax liabilities and eligibilities with respect to American Tax in Singapore.
b. Offer customized solutions so that you are saved from common mistakes like double taxation that most Americans commit because they do not have clarity of the expat taxation rules.
c. We help you with computing and filing informational returns on your savings and investments and all other assets in Foreign Banks. Towards this endeavor, we also have the Form 114 filed on your behalf.

How Our USA Tax Advisory Services In Singapore Helps You Stay Compliant With Your US Taxation Liabilities?

We have earned years of experience in serving strategic USA tax advisory in Singapore for businesses of all types, regardless of industry, size, and entity type, as well as individual, trusts, and estates. We understand that how a complicated process for filing US tax returns Singapore can negatively impact your business and finances. This is precisely where we take a stand-on to:

  • Meet your obligations to USA tax in Singapore
  • Provide support and guidance during an IRS tax audit
  • Advice on meeting government regulation and meet tax exemption provisions

With our team of experienced taxation professionals, we offer planning for American Tax Singapore and tax return preparation, as well as accounting and tax services for your holding companies, trusts, and family foundations.

  • Round the clock consultation support- We are known to provide our extensive consultation to the expats living overseas to minimize their tax bill and making them aware of the complication involved in US tax filing process as well as the IRS tax audit in Singapore.
  • Assured benefits of tax exemption- Our excellence to avail exemptions to US expat in Singapore is unbeatable. We prevent double taxation to our esteemed clients by claiming the Foreign Tax credit when required.
  • Optimizes tax structure- We help expats in providing the cost-efficient tax structure, and the best solutions to earn eligible profits on tax filing.

The United States is among a few countries that taxed international income earned by their citizen living or working in Singapore. Don’t expect to avoid paying US expat tax in Singapore by living overseas. Instead, leave your tax issues to our experienced tax-rectification hands.

Relaxing Exemptions Available To US Expat Tax Payers Singapore

The United States is among only a few governments who tax ‘international’ income as well as assets earned by their citizens living abroad. Fortunately, there are certain relaxing provisions to Us Tax Singapore,US taxation Singapore that help protect the Americans from the possible double taxation system. These provisions include:

  • Foreign Tax Credit- This tax exemption provision allowing tax on the remaining income to be reduced based on the taxes paid to foreign governments.
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion- This exclusion allows the expat taxpayer to exclude USD 105,900 (as per 2019 tax year) in overall earned income from foreign sources.
  • Foreign Housing Exclusion- This exclusion allows additional exclusions from the expat income to cover household expenses for living abroad.

How Can We Help?

  • Expand business from the US into Singapore- Establish a business into a country where you’re not a resident can mean extreme tax obligations. A tax team can help you mitigate some of these.
  • To defend the IRS audit process- Audits can be stressful. An experienced tax team can help.
  • Structuring a multinational business- Given the implications, having professional support in structuring your international operations is definitely a must.
  • You want to repatriate profits to or from the US- Tax planning can reduce withholding taxes.
  • Apply for an ITIN in Singapore- Many of the US expats or foreign investors based in Singapore require an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN (eligible only to those taxpayers who are not eligible for SSN) is a nine digit tax processing number issued by the IRS after meeting stringent criteria.  Our team consists of accredited tax advisors can help with the application process .
    With our streamlined expat tax filling services, our sole focus is on the preparation of US tax returns in Singapore and providing advisory services to Americans living abroad, specifically Singapore. From handling tax returns to overcome IRS notice, we at Advance American Tax have the expertise to guide you in any situation and help minimize tax liability for greater tax savings. We will work with you on a personal level for the preparation of your US expat tax return and comply with the latest tax policies. With our years of expertise and committed service, filing taxes for a US expat in Singapore doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful experience anymore. Accessing our years of knowledge about US expat tax norms, we will make the best use of deductions and credits that you qualify for so you can get every dollar you deserve.
    Each US tax return in Singapore is unique, we file the forms after accessing your tax liability so get the best tax benefit possible with zero penalties. Let us make the US expat tax filing process easier for you!

Are You Ready?

Filing taxes and complying with cross border tax rules is so complex that few taxpayers can do it without help.  Our firm is Hayden T Joseph CPA LLP (DBA Advanced American Tax) and we are an independent member firm of the Moores Rowland Asia Pacific Network.  The group has over 30 offices in 11 countries.  In Singapore, the 3 main Moores Rowland entities are –

  • Our audit practice which is managed under MRI Moores Rowland LLP, Chartered Accountants and Public Accountants approved by the governing body - the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.
  • Moores Rowland Solutions Pte Ltd which is a business consulting firm focused on enduring business value through people and for people.
  • Hayden T Joseph CPA LLP which works on International Tax in general, and United States International Tax in particular.

Let our Singapore based team help you to minimise your tax responsibilities in a transparent and legal way.